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The Development website supports all the chapter's websites by providing a test platform for trying new plugins and designs before taking them to production. The Development website site was started in January 2015. Companion sites are

Do I Need to Register?

No. Only the webmaster and testing writers use the Development website.

How Do I Contribute to the Site?

No new posts or events are added to this website. The ones currently on the site are copies of ones from the Events & News site for sample layout, etc.

Contact Information

Website Team

The site was initiated, designed, and coded by Cynthia A. Lockley. The website is maintained by the Website Team Committee.

Website Team Committee Manager job description.

Site Accounts Owner / Manager: Cynthia A. Lockley
Site Manager: Carolyn Kelley Klinger
Webmaster: Cynthia A. Lockley Email: Web Diva
Volunteers with HTML5, PHP7+, CSS2 / CSS3, and WordPress.org experience are welcome to join the team.
Contributors, Authors, and Guest Authors are encouraged to participate in the Events & News website.

Contact STC

Society for Technical Communication
The STC logo: square with no shadow, ultramarine blue background with powder blue for letter S and yellow letters for TC3251 Old Lee Highway
Suite 406
Fairfax VA  22030
Email: email hidden; JavaScript is required
Phone: 703-522-4114
Fax: 703-522-2075

Web Host

Graphic for the SiteGround logoLooking for Web and WordPress hosting? Visit SiteGround. Send comments about any problems with the functional performance of this website using the Contact Us form or send feedback to Web Diva

Site Design and History

The following is a brief summary of the history of the chapter's website. See the full details in the main website at https://wdcb.stcwdc.org/aboutsite/. The original Washington, DC – Baltimore (WDCB) Chapter website went online in March 1995 coded in HTML 2 using tables for layout and black and white graphics in preparation for the 1995 STC Annual Conference hosted by the Washington, DC Chapter. Over the years,the site grew into a collection of websites that uses WordPress 5.7.1, HTML5, CSS3, PHP7+, and some Javascript. During 2013-2014, the website was converted to a WordPress platform using the Twenty-Eleven theme. As of January 2016, the website uses the accessibility-ready Aaron theme for WordPress. The site is accessible for all users. With suggestions from chapter members and others, the content of the site enhances the Society's stc.org website by containing information about technical communication and how to be a technical communicator. It encompasses some educational, instructional, and career guidance material that is not always found on other STC chapter websites. The entire public site includes three WordPress CMS websites: the main site (WDCB), Competition, and Jobs Board; one WordPress blogging-format Events & News website; and a flat-file archives site. Site awards are listed on the Site Awards page.

Accessibility Design and Features

The Accessibility Design and Features page describes the Document Type Designation (DTD), navigation, fonts, style sheets, colors, Web conventions, and other items used to make this site an enjoyable and useful experience for everyone. The following information is provided on the Accessibility Features page.

Chapter and STC Logo Graphics

See the Chapter and STC Logo Graphics page on the main site for a variety of graphics you can use for adding links back to the Washington, DC – Baltimore (WDCB) Chapter pages in your site.

Operating Expenses Fundraising

Use one of the PayPal Donate buttons shown on the left to donate for events, competitions, website expenses, and operating expenses to pay by credit card on the website through PayPal. A PayPal Payments button, as shown on the right, is provided in Event Registration and other forms to make your payments. For information about how to use PayPal, see the PayPal FAQ.

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Donate through PayPal (white button) PayPal Donate button (orange)

PDF File Information

Some hypertext links may take you to Portable Document Format (PDF) files you can view in your Web browser. PDF file links are marked by by noting the size of the PDF with the.pdf file extension at the end of the link (250 KB .pdf). PDF files are extremely compact, platform-independent, and easy to create. They offer design control, print-ready documents, and an endless array of authoring applications. PDF is an extension of the Encapsulated PostScript format that allows hypertext linking. Some PDF files may contain hypertext links that take you to another location in the PDF file or to another Web page. The hypertext links are indicated by a hot spot in the PDF file where the cursor changes to a hand with a pointing finger. Use the Back button to return to previous pages in the Web browser or to return from the PDF viewer to the HTML viewer.

If you can't view the PDF files or you get an error message, download and install the latest version of the FREE Acrobat® Reader™ plug-in for your browser: https://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions. Some PDF files are saved with accessibility and search capabilities for screen readers. The Acrobat Reader, full version has accessibility and search capabilities.

See also Download Help for information about downloading PDFs and ZIP files.


Javascript is not used on the main content of the pages. However, some features of WordPress and some plugins in the footer or sidebar may use JavaScript™. If you have disabled Javascript™, you may want to turn it on to use the features and enhancements provided by JavaScript™.

Disclaimers and Copyrights

For information about disclaimers, opinions, product endorsements, and copyrights on this site, see our Legal information page. That page leads to our Privacy Policy.

Last modified: April 23, 2021
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